Technical Information

Comprehensive strength in response to needs

We offer comprehensive strength to respond to any and all kinds of needs from the rubber manufacturing industry in which highly sophisticated expertise is required.

Comprehensive strength in response to needs

Development and improvement directly connected to customer needs

Formulation Technology

With Masterbatch, just a change in any formulation will result in a drastic change to rubber properties. Therefore, an appropriate formulation design backed by a wealth of experience is essential, and formulation design is an extremely important factor that determines the life of product differentiation.  We take pride in our highly ranked research achievements within the industry and we look to continue to respond accurately to needs that are increasingly diverse and sophisticated.

Processing Technology

Although various raw materials are needed for manufacturing Masterbatch, it is not easy to mix them uniformly.  We have systematically collected and analyzed findings obtained from technical staff at worksites to promote unique research and development, resulting in successful mass production and the establishment of technology that provides formulation characteristics to the greatest extent possible.

Assessment Technology

Requests from customers are infinitely diverse and Masterbatch specifications differ depending on each customer.  In order to provide a Masterbatch with a quality that satisfies all customer demands, we have prepared an exhaustive assessment system.

Raw Materials Knowledge

In order to manufacture Masterbatch, it is important to fully understand the properties and characteristics of raw materials.  By leveraging our raw materials knowledge that we have accumulated for over half a century, we have started to globalize raw materials, making it possible to provide raw materials to our customers at a competitive price.

Mastering molding processes

We believe it is necessary to fully master the molding and processing processes that are conducted by customers so that we can provide customers with a Masterbatch that they can use with a high level of satisfaction.
By establishing a relationship of trust with our customers, we are also demonstrating our commitment to acquire knowledge about the molding processes they use.

Production system that allows stable supply of high-quality products

Production system that supports stable supply

We have a production system that covers not only domestic but also overseas areas that enables us to promptly and stably supply a wide range of products that meet customer needs.
Furthermore, in order to supply high-quality products to customers, we conduct thorough quality management at all domestic and overseas bases. 

Customer-oriented proposal and follow-up system

Our ability to make proposals that meet the expectations of customers

We are ready to solve customer problems together with customers and meet their demands by unifying sales, technical and production departments.
We also carry out continuous follow-ups so that customers can use our products with peace of mind by leveraging our technology and know-how as well as our far-reaching global network.