代表取締役社長  阿部 一至

Founded in 1964, for over a half a century, our company has aimed to manufacture products that contribute to society by engaging in the production of Masterbatches that are essential for rubber products used in automobiles, electric appliances, precision machinery, construction materials, athletic footwear and adhesives, as a specialized company of rubber Masterbatches.
In particular, our highly sophisticated production system and unique research and development that explores the possibilities of rubber as a raw material, with a commitment to only the best quality etc., and technology and know-how that we have cultivated over the years have been highly valued not only domestically but internationally as well.
The economic environment that surrounds us and social structures have become increasingly more complicated and we face drastic changes in association with recent globalization and, accordingly, customer needs have become more diversified and sophisticated. 
Under such circumstances, under the corporate philosophy of “Materials Innovation ―We create value through materials based on mixing technology to enrich society, people and the environment” We will continue to be involved in the creation of new technology and new value, striving to contribute to our society.

 President   Kazushi  Abe